Topargee water tank gauge

$155.00 AUD

Tank Gauge now features a larger backlit screen that actually shows the number of litres remaining in your tank, rather than the traditional full/half/empty display.

  • Takes all the guess work out of your water supply.
  • Displays number of litres left in your water tank.
  • Counts down litre by litre from a preset amount.
  • Stop wasting fuel by filling up unnecessarily.
  • Know how much is used for washing, showers etc.
  • Know your daily water usage in litres
  • Essential for bush/ free camping.
  • Fitted in water line, nothing is fitted to water tanks.
  • One unit can be used for any number or size tanks.
  • ​Displays in gallons or litres.
  • It can be used in conjunction with your current system to accurately know your capacity and usage.