Glideaway Shower Door

$350.00 AUD

  • Do you want an attractive stylish screen Are you sick of the hassles in cleaning your glass door. Do you hate having to sit in behind the glass door when you want to have a soak in the bath? The solution is a 'GLIDEAWAY Screen'.
  • You have seen how attractive a GLIDEAWAY screen looks, here are some other amazing features.
  • Easy to clean - just wipe your GLIDEAWAY screen with any all purpose non abrasive bathroom cleaner to keep your GLIDEAWAY screen looking good.
  • Glideaway screens are easy to install, they just stick into place.
  • All you need to do is cut the tracks to the width required to fit your shower or bath opening.
  • Colour finishes : Screens are available in two finishes.
  • Solid White
  • Opaque
  • A built-in wiper blade removes most excess soap and water when the screen retracts into the canister. 
  • Comes with 6 different sizes 1800 x 925mm, 1750 x 925mm, 1700 x 925mm, 1650 x 925mm, 1600 x 925mm and 1525 x 925mm